Big Video Machine Review – Your Hard Drive Contains Gold - Here’s Why

Big Video Machine is a Windows desktop software that creates simple videos from any text. This isn’t the first piece of software that can turn text articles into slick videos with background music but it is one of the quickest and easiest to use and it produces great results.

What Is Big Video Machine?

Video reviews can rank high on You Tube and drive a ton of traffic. Buyer traffic!


This is great but first you have to have a video to upload. And for many folks this is a challenge.

Rather than outsourcing to expensive video producers, why not use this simple-as-pie Windows software to create videos from text and images in seconds...

Barry Rodgers & Val Wilson have just launched “The Big Video Machine” software that literally turns and text into a simple video in seconds.


This means that an text can be re-purposed into unique content and re-used almost instantly.

You can have an intro slide, a call to action slide and edit the look and feel as much as you like - it’s so simple

This software will magically transform any text into video in seconds.

Just copy some content from an Amazon product listing and some review comments and paste it into the software and Bingo! You have a compelling video to add onto your review site and YouTube



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